Nairone, born in 1991.

Arrived in Paris in September 2012 to study digital communication, interactive design and entertainment at the well-know university of the Gobelins, he quickly dropped out a few weeks after to start a career as a artist, illustrator. That is when, only armed with his black pen, he started to explode and destroy objects from everyday life. He harmonizes it around various typography, object and an effective black and white contrast.

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Conferences & live painting

Adobe create now, 2014 in Paris (France).

Multi-Mania, 2014 in Kortrijk (Belgium).

Eristoff private party, 2014 in Paris (France).

Interférence, 2015 in Quebec city (Canada).

Adobe create now, 2015 in Paris (France).

Eristoff private party, 2015 in Paris (France).

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For Inquiries : veronique.pichon@sagoo.fr